There are multiple levels, you can select any gun you want as well as settings for your targets. Mantenha seu jogo atualizado. GO taking over the franchise. I keep it intensive and quick paced and I usually aim for 35 pistol frags and 35 rifle frags. He’s calling the strats, getting feedback from his team, and figuring out where and how to direct his team to victory.

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Don’t camp, don’t use your mic, don’t camp, and don’t camp. There is no more “is it really worth it? Hocker Dec 11, 6: There are great guides on http: Taz – VP – Aggressive, likes to give paszaBiceps a chance to do his thing. Anti-strats are strong with this one.

Capable of winning both pistol rounds and putting the other team in a tough position. It is only visible to you.

Good mid round caller, smart fhndo intellectual. This is typically what it will look like. In essence, the casuals played public servers, and competitive players played ESEA. Great CT side tactics, some of the best setups have come from him. Calls from spawn and during mid round. Também é capaz de controlar servers de CS através de RCON, podendo utilizar qualquer comando pelo programa, desde mudar mapa até banir jogadores.


There are great guides on http: GO taking over the franchise. These are the more popular models and for good reason.

CS:Source & CS:Global Offensive

Para mais informações sobre como funciona os vetos e também para saber como utilizar esse programa, basta ler o arquivo LEIA-ME. You will start to develop lazy habits that take far too long to correct.

Ex6TenZ – Titan – Tactical. Invented a strat on inferno A site that is copied by many to this day.

Tuto Como varar na dust2 da base TR até o fundo

Shoot the target as fast as you can before it disappears. Pay attention to how he retakes sites, when he decides to save, what kind of angles he holds, where he falls back to when he gets an entry, where he checks when taking a site. Before CSGO, ddust2 was 1. There is no more “is it vundo zo it?


Stay away from other cheaper brands, as the colors are generally awful and cheaply designed. This “guide” isn’t a guide for in-game play.

de dust2 so fundo

Likes to run a default setup to gain information, then pounces on the enemies weakest point. Allows teammates to work together and get trades efficiently.

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CS:GO – Dust2 através de imagens

Updated February 15, It’s the cheapest of the top-class gaming monitors, and the features absent from it which are present in BenQ do not justify the extra hundred gundo price tag. Taz – VP – Aggressive, likes to give paszaBiceps a chance to do his thing.

de dust2 so fundo

Mais que 5 jogadores e menos que 10 fundo e varanda. DM8 Feb dst2 3: Mais que 9 jogadores mapa todo liberado. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

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You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Menos que 6 jogadores cust2 fundo. Ele converte arquivos de formato. Tundo exclusivo da Equipe TecnoHard para vocês, bom proveito. Warden – eLevate – Classic calling style, will mix it up all the time.

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